Decorating with Art

Art is what brings a home to life! When it comes to decorating a room with art, the possibilities are endless. Every person has their own artistic taste, and there are so many ways to display that besides a frame on a wall (though we’re huge fans of gorgeous paintings!) Here are a few options to show off your unique style:

  • Paint it ON your wall
  • Display it on your furniture with custom fabrics
  • Keep it subtle with black & white photos of memorable times
  • Design it yourself on our custom Persona Shades
  • You can even have beautiful artwork on your draperysome of our favorites are the Parisian backdrop and watercolor paintings from Carole Fabrics, and the Japanese Pagoda from Robert Allen Designs

When it comes to getting creative with home decor, the most important thing is to have fun with it, experiment and be as bold as you’d like!



Carole Fabrics Drapery

photo (2)

Robert Allen Drapery


Carole Fabrics Drapery



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