Rainbow Room- Client Project

We currently have a client who is in LOVE with color! She’s purchasing drapery for the bay windows in her living room, and wants the room to be vibrant and evoke happiness, yet be modern, stylish and not overwhelm. Her living room has neutral couches, walls and hardwood floors, which is the best base for a rainbow room.

Many people choose two or three shades to work with when decorating a room, so incorporating many bright colors of the rainbow can be a challenge. However, when colors are paired the right way they can create a beautiful work of art in the home. The best way to not overwhelm is to limit clutter, have some neutral tones, and choose modern patterns and accents.

After flipping through our gorgeous fabric books, we settled on a Carole Fabrics pattern with vivid shades. We suggested doing a pattern so that the drapery becomes a focal point and she can pull colors from there. Here is a list of ideas we had to bring the rainbow room together in a modern and clean way:

  • Make the pillows complementary to the drapery, adding a mix of patterns for texture
  • Add a blue and purple pillow to balance out the tones
  • Either do a patterned rug that flows well with the drapery or choose a deep shade like fuchsia
  • Pick a less dominant color from the pillows for accents, such as trays, jars, candles or small vases with simple blooms

We believe that pulling colors from different parts of the room help bring it all together. We took her vision, our ideas and came up with a gorgeous outcome! Please, don’t hesitate to send us your design questions, we live and breathe this stuff.











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