Woven Wood Shades by Erin Moreland


I don’t know about you, but during these cold months in Chicago, I’m searching for a way to warm up my home. Window treatments are a wonderful way to achieve the warmth you are looking for. Woven woods are my favorite way to add the first layer.

The first layer covers your windows completely, offering the privacy and light control that suits your needs. Woven wood roman shades come in a variety of beautiful textures and neutral colors. They are woven by hand so they are the perfect product to complement an eclectic styled home, or even a more traditional home. They are a very simply designed roman shade, so they can be an affordable option.

You can choose to have the shade lined for additional privacy and light control. This type of roman shade can also be made on a very slim head rail to help you showcase your beautiful wood trim.


To add an extra layer of warmth, I recommend drapery panels to layer over your woven wood. This is your chance to add color, as well as height to your room. The drapery panels will draw your eye up and highlight the space, making the room feel larger. Who wouldn’t love that?

These panels will save you money by not covering the entire window (we did that with the woven wood, remember?) therefore using less fabric. While we’re at it, let’s make sure we choose a coordinating fabric for a few throw pillows to tie the space together. Voila! We have designed the perfect warm space to get you through the bitter Chicago Winter!


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