Drapery Tip -Interlining

Eddie Z’s is very proud of the people who represent our company and today we are introducing you to the Drapery Department. The dynamic team brings years of diverse knowledge and expertise to the company. Kathy, Amanda and Marilyn are here to support our decorators with any questions they may have when working with clients.

Picture is Amanda, Kathy and Marilyn were out sick (possibly with photo phobia, can't be sure)

Today they have given us a “Drapery Tip” on the importance of interlining. Now, some of you may be saying, “what in the world is interlining?” Interlining is a soft felt-like cotton fabric that is placed between the decorative face fabric and the lining on the back. It is used to give more body and fullness to your drapery. Your decorator is educated in which fabrics will benefit with having interlining.

Interlined Grommet Drapery- Tara Bosserman( Territory Manager) and Beverly Vodziak-Downers Grove Store

Interlining is a very important thing to add when it comes to certain types of drapery treatments. Here are some specific examples when it would be necessary to add interlining:

  • You will want to add interlining for any treatments that are made out of silk or faux silk, adding interlining will enhance the structure and give it body.
  • It is also a good idea to add interlining when you are using a contrast liner that is darker than the face fabric.  This will ensure that the darker color will not bleed through and leave you with a different look than you expected. See examples of contrast lining below. The gold material picks up the same color in the striped fabric.

Contrast Lined Drapery-Roseann Loesch

Contrast Lined Drapery- Roseann Loesch

  • Remember that if the fabric you selected has a tissue pick (woven thread) on the back, this will bleed through and produce a stripe effect when light shines through.  Therefore, adding interlining or even black out lining is extremely important.

These are points that our decorators would discuss with you when helping you make your selection. Our experience is key to helping you get that unique custom look for your home.

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