Spring Fashion

We take great pride in bringing you the not only the best quality window treatments but also the most fashion forward materials and fabric for you to select from.  Eddie Z’s strives to stay ahead of all the trends and movements in the home décor industry. You can be confident that we have the newest fabric trends in our library.

Today, one of our amazing fabric companies, Carole Fabrics, will be coming in to introduce their line to our decorators! Later this week we will be able to inspire you with plenty of photos and videos from this presentation. Midwest Glass Tinters will also be in to discuss the importance of tinting your windows! We’ll have plenty of info to share on that as well!

With that, our Drapery Department has been working around the clock to prepare for the new spring fashions! Forty-five books are brand new this season and we can’t wait to share them with you! Thank you to Amanda, Kathy and Marilyn for all your hard work!

Here’s a few photo’s to share with you about the preparation.  Marilyn has been taking payment in the form of Starbucks Vanilla Lattes and we think it must have worked because some how she pulled off the impossible and the books have been entered!  This blogger used to enter books a long time ago and I can assure you this is no small task!

Small selection of the books for the spring release

Close up of a new pattern

Marilyn working against the clock!



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