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Covering windows in the bathroom can seem like a tricky thing. Will the material survive the shower steam? Will it provide enough privacy? Whatever your concerns are, Dawn our brilliant decorator has covered them in her latest blog post: bit.ly/1LziPEQ.


Dawn’s Decorating Blog

Do you have large windows or patio doors, but hate the idea of Vertical Blinds? Our expert decorator, Dawn has years of experience choosing alternatives for her clients. Click over to learn more: Panels are on Track.

From Home Office to Guest Room!

Here’s another great space-saving example of what a Murphy Bed can do for your home!

*See decorator for details. Closets available in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee area only.

Panel Track Shades

The innovative Panel Track is an elegant and versatile option for covering patio doors and extra large windows or they can even be used as room dividers. The panels will slide effortlessly across your window openings and stack neatly when drawn. The panels are available in soft fabrics, woven woods, grass weaves and sunscreen materials that can be coordinated with other window treatments, enhancing the look of your room!

Murphy Beds

From comfy bed to storage to convenient desk, what’s not to love about this brilliant space saving product? Plus, it’s on sale! Learn more here.
*See decorator for details. Closets available in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee area only.

Solar Screen Shades for Summer

Over time the sun can damage your furnishings, artwork, floors, etc. Solar Screen Shades are the perfect solution to still enjoy the view, while getting the protection and privacy you desire. Solar Screens allow less glare, are sleek, chic, and look great paired with drapery! Visit our site to learn more about this versatile shade.
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Hunter Douglas Roller Shade


Hunter Douglas Roller Shade

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Dawn’s Decorating Blog

Our expert Decorator, Dawn always finds a way to exceed our clients expectations. She was able to create a look they both loved and stayed within their budget, which we know is key for a successful home makeover! Click over to read all about it.

Garage Organization – A gift dad will love

Father’s Day is just around the corner [June 21], and what better gift to give him than an organized space he could call his own? Now that’s unique gift giving! If your dad loves working out in the garage or has a collection he likes to store out there, why not make the space the best possible space it can be? With our custom organization systems, we can create exactly what your dad would love to perfectly fit YOUR garage. Get inspired below, and schedule a free consultation here.

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Dawn’s Decorating Blog

Looking to add some life back into your rooms? Try adding a mixture of patterns and texture! Our expert decorator, Dawn explains why this look inspires her and how you can achieve it.
Vern Yip

Bright Living Rooms for Spring

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than adding some fun colors to your living room. If you’re bold when it comes to change, adding bright drapery is always a good plan, and looks great way past springtime. If you’d rather more subtle touches, cover your toss pillows with custom fabrics or simply fill the room with your favorite flowers or fruit. Whatever your taste is, we have plenty of ideas to brighten up your room! Make sure to check out our Pinterest for daily inspiration.


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